All litters are AKC or EJRTCA registered, from health and temperament tested parents.
All of our dogs have incredible dispositions and make terrific companions, after 16 years of breeding we have achieved our goal of consistently producing the perfect Jack. For those who know the difference an MBF Jack is a special type of Jack.
Our goal is to raise top quality pups, provide a hands on loving and caring environment from the day the pups are born until the day they are ready to go home with their families. We provide weekly updates and photos, we are here for our pups families prior to the pups arrival, during their 8 weeks they are with us and after they go home, it is our goal to make this a very positive and enjoyable experience.
I believe this approach is better for both our families and pups,  all the extra time and care is well worth it and it shows in the pups we raise. It definitely takes more time and effort but our pups are worth it.
Please note that MBF always reserves the right to first pick pup(male and/or female) from any litter.
Aggie/Ollie(Aggie is a co/own litter, she is a Bailey/Charlie daughter)
Bred early March for a May 3rd litter(ready to go home late June)
First pick female MBF
 ~Haley C, broken coat male(like Pugsley) (12/3)
~Allison rough/broken coat male (1/10)
Susan O'Rourke (3/4)
Tracy & Paul (3/9)
Summer 2021 Planned litters
Please note that MBF always reserves the right to first pick pup(male and/or female) from any litt
Pick female MBF
Muppet has been bred for a mid June litter.
Pups will be ready to go home mid August.
Pick female MBF
We are hopeful that Iris will be bred late April, looks like it will be May.
This will be Alice's last litter before she retires.
Alice will be bred late April.
Fall and early Winter 2021 Planned litters
Please note that MBF always reserves the right to first pick pup(male and/or female) from any litter
Peaches/Pugsley(most likely October pups)
Winter 2021 Planned litters
~Pup for Monique(Rec'd 11/14) rough coat Iris litter(M or F)
 ~Haley C, broken coat male(like Pugsley) (12/3)​ Aggie litter
~E. Hochman(R), male or female smooth or light broken coat(12/22) Fall
~F de Oliveira M rough coat tri (12/30) Iris litter
~Susan Kudo F broken coat( first pick)/rough coat from Iris(1st pick after MBF)
~Mary Ann Male rough coat (1/8)
~Allison rough coat male (1/10) Aggie
~Suzie broken coat(Like Lulu) male(1/29) Muppet/Pugsley
~Sandi female Willow pup(2/27)
~Susan Kessler rough coat(like Augie) (2/27)
~Susan O'Rourke rough/broken (3/4) Aggie PIF
~Tracy & Paul Broken coat male(consider female and other coat) 3/9 Aggie
~Pam T rough coat female 3/25
~Hannah rough/broken coat female or male 3/29 (Muppet/Pugsley) possibly.
~Heidi Delp rough/broken coat male tri(Like Lulu) 3/30(summer)
~Elena Bray rough/broken coat female 4/1  (Heather/Pugsley)
~Wyman female first available, will consider male also 4/6 
~Colleen Cutler female Willow pup
~Laura Cutler female(open to male) coat type either 4/14(Alice/Ollie)

Deposits are $500, can be paid through Paypal(see Buy Now Paypal button below), Venmo or you may send a check to Fiona Clapp, 415 High St, Belfast, ME 04915


* I can arrange for the pups to be brought to York,ME with prior planning. There will be a $100 fee to cover the expense, this just covers gas and my dog sitter 😊 Thank you.

All of our dogs are registered with AKC, EJRTCA and some are also NKC.

We register all of our pups with the AKC or EJRTCA, The AKC was established in 1884 and is the largest registry of purebred dogs in the U.S., and is the only not-for profit registry, as well as the most well-known, and the most influential.

Both AKC and EJRTCA are well respected registries, AKC is a multi breed registry whereas EJRTCA is breed specific for shorty jacks.

All parents are health and temperament tested before being bred.

We do require a $500(12/27/20) deposit to be on the reservation list for upcoming litters. Thank you.

Deposits are not refundable but they are transferable to another litter or future litter.

You can send a deposit through Paypal by clicking the button below, Venmo to Fiona-Clapp or you can send us a check to Madra Beag Farm, C/O Fiona Clapp, 415 High St, Belfast, Maine, 04915

PAYPAL BUTTON , by clicking on this it will bring you to PayPal, a safe and secure way to send your deposit.


All adult male dogs can be seen on Our Boys page

All adult female dogs can be seen on Our Girls page

'SAVE THE TAILS'  Pups tails are not docked, dew claws are not removed.

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