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Tips on Crate Training

Training a puppy to be comfortable in a crate is important for many reasons, it's a good way to keep him safe and confined during house training. Most puppies will quickly accept crate confinement when you make the introduction positive and fun. Since it is important to associate positive things with the area where you confine him, it is a good idea to play with the pup near their crate. Don’t be afraid to move the crate around. If you are in the living room, bring the crate in there and encourage the pup to hang out near their crate with a toy. You don’t want to put the crate in an isolated place. This will discourage the pup from wanting to be there,. You want the pup to be able to be in their crate but still be with you, so that the pup learns that this is their spot to relax in, sleep in, possibly eat there and enjoy a chew toy, etc.

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