Our little Muppet is a such a character, she literally exudes happiness from every part of her little body, she is a dear sweet soul. 

She is a very amusing dog often sending us into fits of laughter with her antics.

She is not hyper and can be very relaxed and calm but she is a very happy dog and can certainly show lots of enthusiasm at a moments notice. She is no bother in the house and just minds her own business. She is a good watchdog but otherwise she is quiet. Mother to Lulu

 Muppet will have a litter early in 2022, I will breed her to Pugsley, this will be her last litter and then she will be spayed and stay here with us.

  • Muppet is PLL and SCA clear

  • Embark tested, COI: 5%, excellent genetic diversity in her pedigree.

  • Rough coat, Tan/white

  • AKC registered, 10" tall, 17 lbs

  • Muppet has awesome bloodlines both imported and american champions in her pedigree.

  • Her grandsire is an American Grand Champion, International Champion, Nordic, Danish Champion, Finnish Champion, Swedish Champion, Norwegian Champion, Norwegian Winner 2010, pretty impressive!