Peaches is an adorable little broken coat.

She was born here, Marty is her Mum and Ollie is her Dad.

She is a fun little dog with a good personality which is a nice combination of both dogs.

Peaches is very smart, like Ollie, she is very responsive to training and loves to learn.

She was very easy to house train and crate train because she loves the crate.

She loves all toys, is very playful at times but also very quiet in the house.

She tries to be bossy but it is really pretty half hearted and the other dogs know it and ignore her attempts.


















Peaches is a lovely size about 9" tall and 12 lbs.

She is an ideal size and her coat is perfect, enough scruff to give her a great look but absolutely no maintenance. 

Peaches is very athletic and easily learns all sorts of tricks. She is not a big hunter and just enjoys having fun.

She is a great little companion.

We are excited to see how Peaches does as a Mother, her Mother Marty was excellent with her pups so we are very hopeful. Marty shown below.

  • Peaches is PLL and SCA clear by parentage

  • Broken coat, Tan/white

  • EJRTCA and NKC registered