(pronounced Modra Beug)

 simply means little or small dog. 

In gaelic madra is dog and beag is small.

Our Goals


Here at MBF our goals are simple to give my dogs a good life, treat every buyer the way I would want to be treated and to raise the best, most sweet natured little shorty jack pups that I can. I was raised to show kindness and compassion to people and animals and that belief has been instilled in me.

I care very much where my pups end up and that they live long, happy lives with their families. 

To me a dog is family, plain and simple.

Starting Out


I have had a passion for these little Jacks for as long as I can remember. For me, no other breed compares to a Jack. During my childhood I brought home many stray dogs, the occasional stray donkey, pony, kittens and various wounded birds. Animals have always been my passion and bring me great joy. But dogs are the most dear to me. As a child I took the same dog book out from the local library for about 20 weeks consecutively, reading it over and over from cover to cover. I begged my parents to bring me to any dogshow I heard of, read books by Barbara Woodhouse and watched endless repeats of James Herriott on the telly.

We owned a variety of dogs, including English Springer, Golden Retreivers, Boxers etc but it was the Jacks that stole my heart.

I have owned and loved dogs of other breeds but when I think of an ideal dog companion, no breed of dog condures up a more fitting image than my little Jacks.


There is simply nothing better than a good jack and not all are good in my opinion. But I am extremely lucky to share my life with a fair few really good ones!

Born and raised in Co. Dublin, I am the only one here in America and so we travel home annually to Ireland. My family now live in Co.Wicklow, the garden of Ireland. I have extended family in Dublin and out West.


I have so many fantastic childhood memories spent with my dogs and my ponies that I wanted to attempt to recreate much of what

I enjoyed, as a child, for my children and for me. This is how Madra Beag Farm came to be.


How We Raise Our Dogs

Raising dogs, the right way, is lots of work and they require plenty of daily attention and time but the benefits and goodness that we enjoy from them far outweigh the work. Life without them would be awfully mundane, they keep me on my toes.


It is lovely here in Maine, we live a mile from the beach, yet we enjoy our privacy nestled down our driveway tucked away in the woods. 


All 3 of my children seem to have inherited a love of animals, from their Mother.

I think it is a wonderful life, hopefully they agree.


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