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Madrabeag Oliver Twist


Ollie was born here at MBF, he is a Rufus/Pixie pup.

Ollie was sold to a lovely family. Sadly because of

some unexpected things cropping up they were unable

to keep him. So Ollie came back to live with us.

He is a great little guy. Full of fun, very eager to learn,

athletic, outgoing and charming.

Ollie is full of jack energy, he is very playful and not

easily put off. He is not hyper, he has no problem

relaxing at all but he has lots of enthusiasm in

everything he does.

He is definitely one of my favorites, he is so loyal and he

is always watching to see what I am going to do next. He

is definitely my little side kick, my little right hand man.















Ollie, like his Momma Pixie has the lightest broken coat, in the summer he almost looks smooth.

In the winter he gets pretty scruffy but he is never overly hairy. He has a perfect no maintenance coat.

He has the gorgeous rich red coloring like Pixie and Rufus.

He is a really great size, very portable and compact.

He seems to have a low prey drive, not a real hunter at all, he is very good off leash and never strays far. He loves coming in the car and behaves perfectly.

He gets along well with all the dogs. He is very easy to train and will happily do tricks for treats.

Ollie has never met a stranger, he is friendly to everyone and he loves kids.

He is 9.5" tall and 13Lbs, the perfect travel buddy size. I absolutely love his size.

PLL/SCA clear by parentage. Patellas good. Scissors bite.

EMBARK tested, clear on everything.

AKC and EJRTCA registered.

Ollie is my little buddy, I don't like to leave home without him. He is a loyal and entertaining 

little four legged friend❤️

I love my little friend Ollie.

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