Bree was born here in 2014 (Spice/Slaney). She was out of Spice's last litter before she retired.

Bree has blossomed into the best dog! She is so incredibly loyal and obedient. Very attentive and always aware of where I am and what I am doing. She is perfect around the farm, never strays or leaves the property. She loves to play ball and adores the water.

She is friendly and amicable with all the other dogs and visitors.

Her pups are small, colorful and super smart and utterly adorable.

Bree is my girl, the most loyal and dearest four legged friend you could ask for. You can not ask for a better girl, I never use a leash on Bree and she always stays close by,she is an exceptional example of a terrific Irish Jack. Everyone has a different opinion of the perfect dog, but Bree is mine. She is so loyal, always by my side, never demanding, compliant, kindly to all, perfect traveller just quietly sits next to you. For me Bree is perfect, she also has a few quirky ways which I love :) She is very smart, can let herself in and out of the screen door, can climb the spiral stairs, etc She is a gem of a dog.

Bree has a wild rough coat with rebellious ears that sit half way down, which definitely adds to her charm.

  • Bree is AKC,EJRTCA & NKC registered.

  • PLL and SCA clear.

  • She is about 9.5" tall and 12/13 lbs. She carries the chocolate gene and has produced chocolate colored pups.


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