Willow is a great little dog.
She is very charming and fun.
Gentle and all the dogs here love Willow. 
She is a playful dog and always happy, but not at all high energy.
Loves to play ball and play in the kiddie pool.
Willow is a very traditional Shorty jack.
Longer than she is tall with short legs and a stocky body, she has a beautiful blocky head with perfect button ears and kind eyes.
Willow is not petite although she isn't tall, I would guess she is about 17/18 lbs.
Lovely coloring with a great smooth coat.
She is about 10" tall maybe a little over.
EJRTCA registered.
Health tested, SCA and PLL negative by parentage.
Willow has produced small litters so far, she is expecting a litter August 2020.