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Home to the most delightful, sweet natured little Jack Russells

Our goal has always been to raise the best little Irish Shorty Jacks, where quality not quantity counts.


Raising the best Jacks takes time and commitment. For those who have met our dogs they realize this makes all the difference.


Feel free to give me a ring at
207-475-5856 or email me at 

with questions.

Fiona Clapp


We often remark that we could have 10 Baxter's.

He's truly the easiest, funniest dog we have ever had.

All down to great breeding I think. 

Thank you. Alex & Betty. 

- Baxter is a pup from Slaney/Blossom

Scruffy is "perfect."  He does not bark. He is friendly to all people and with all dogs. He is reliable on long off-leash walks on the trails where we meet dogs, joggers and bicycles.  He stays at home, comes when he is called, is 98% housebroken....And of course, cute as a button.
Thank you!

It's the Stemmermann family wanting to thank you for the greatest dog ever. Skipper is just the best dog.

- The Stemmermann Family

- Hannah

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