Madra Beag Farm - Our Guarantee to you

My promise to you.
All my pups are sold with honesty. 
Your happiness as a purchaser of one of our pups is important to me.
We will only sell you a pup, that has been examined by my vet and found in good health, received age appropriate worming and up-to-date with vaccines.
We will include a detailed health record and written tips for care with each pup.
We have provided our pups with everything possible to ensure their health and well being. We feed them a good quality diet, give them plenty of outdoor exercise, we work hard to socialize them and my vet sees them twice before they leave here.
All of my dogs have great temperaments and have been raised in our home around children, dogs, and various barnyard critters. If I don't think a dog is terrific I won't add them to my breeding program. All of my adult dogs are health tested, registered with the AKC and EJRTCA. Litters are registered with the EJRTCA unless otherwise noted.
Temperament is affected the most by environment and genetics. I have taken care of the genetics and the environment while they are here, when you take them home it is important to continue this. It is a big responsibility to raise and nurture the puppy well. Training, exercise, environment and socialisation all play a role in how your pup will develop.
I am always available to answer any questions on ways to help raise your puppy right. I will offer help and advice, when asked, throughout the life of your dog. I love my dogs and raise pups I would want to own, so I stand behind what I sell 100%.
Adding a Madra Beag Farm Jack Russell to your home should be a wonderful experience, any way I can ensure that I will.
All pups go home with a health certificate from my vet. Our pups are raised in our home in a clean and loving environment. They receive daily outdoor play, from 5 weeks on. Pups are raised in large whelping boxes with plenty of room.
All pups leave with a 2 year replacement health guarantee and a lifetime of support from me. I am always available to answer questions. Any puppy sold from Madra Beag Farm can be returned at any time throughout their life, should the need arise.
Please note Genetics is not a perfect science.
When I plan a litter I choose a pairing that I think will most compliment each other. My goal is always to produce the best pups. 
That said, despite the best parental genetics there is no guarantee how each pup will develop.
Therefore, I can not offer any guarantees as to height, earset, coat type or adult weight or exact body type of a pup, but I will always be honest on what I think. 
I do not guarantee breeding soundness of a pup sold with full papers. I will, of course, only sell a pup that I believe would be an asset to a breeding program with full papers. Any pup sold from Madra Beag Farm is sold first and foremost as a family pet.
I do guarantee 100% that any pup I sell, if raised correctly, will make a fantastic new family member!

Also please note, If for any reason, at any time, you may return the dog to us if you are unable to keep it. We will offer no refund but will take the dog/pup back.


We offer a 2 year, from the date of sale, warranty against debilitating congenital defects. We also offer a lifelong support to you and your dog. We are always available to answer any questions/concerns you might have, or simply to talk about your Jack Russell!

We want you to be completely happy with your pup and do all we can to ensure that. We think the world of our dogs and pups and want you to also!



All pups are sold on a spay/neuter agreement. This pup is being sold as a companion animal. If this pup is used for breeding, without a written agreement, all guarantees are null and void.
We require that all our pups be raised indoors as part of the family not as outdoor dogs. Our dogs make wonderful family pets and they will not be happy stuck outside in a pen. They need daily exercise and human companionship to reach their potential and live a good life.
Please do not inquire about our pups if this is not your intention.